Complete funcionality in manegement of time and attendance, that includes:

Calculation of working hours, overtime and absenses.

  • Data collection
  • Transfer and generation of data to the payroll module.
  • Timesheet management.
  • Control and Planning of scheduling, shifts and rotation plans.
  • Exception Handling
  • Supervision and approval of hours.
  • Reports that will help mange in a better way to your employees.

Real Time Statistics

Statistics generate by:

  • Company
  • Cost Center
  • Department
  • Location
  • Category of hour calculated

Automatic Calculations

Calculates automatically hours based on rules that are easily defined by the user, like policies for the calculation of working hours, overtime, absenteeism,incentives, awards, bonuses, penalties, discounts, etc.

Execution of calculation in several levels.

The calculation of attendace can be execute in multiple alternatives like:

  • Company
  • Center Cost
  • Department
  • Employee
  • Location, etc.

Configurable management policies

The user defines the policies for:

  • Overtime
  • Rounding
  • Lunch
  • Exceptions
  • Schedule
  • Holidays

Integrated with any control device

The module can take data from any access device, either clock, bar code readers, magnetic stripe or proximity or biometric fingerprint recognition, hand, etc. all that is required is a code file with the employee id, date and time marking, so that with these data, the system can made the whole process of calculation of hours automatically.

Supervision and Approval

  • The supervisor approves and plans employee shifts.
  • Flexible changes to planned schedule
  • If the user wants to change the planned shift for the employees, it can be performed easily.


  • Project Management 
  • Planning shifts, rotation schedules and other
  • Definition of global and specific parameters 
  • Control of normal hours and overtime


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