e-volution is an application  that simplifies and automates processes and activities related to personnel management. It allows the human resources department to concentrate on talent development, career plans, training and objectives  focused on the employees. This also improves worker’s services because of its self service features.These are what you can achieve with our E-volution business suit. Personnel management that will allow you to automate all the processes involved in the human resources department. There are 30 modules.

Product benefits

  • Allow human resources department to concentrate more on strategic tasks
  • Improve employees motivation
  • Capacity to instantly analyze data about personal information, professional, ability, work etc.
  • Reward workers in a variable way, using the right parameters, as a result, increase workers commitment with the organization
  • Support knowledge management, identify, generate and share it.
  • Manage and evaluate performance, identify workers performance and develop relevant action plans   
  • Enable variable payment policies, automate calculations and communication.
  • Increase self management capacity for the workers, with the ability to access personal information at any time.

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